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“You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.”


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If your business portrait is on your business card, website or brochures, chances are that’s the first impression that people are getting of you. Then, when you show up and they don’t recognize you because your portrait is 20+ years old…what does that say about you? Make a good first impression and let your customers know who you are! Setup your new business portrait today.

Create a company profile so every time you get a new employee or someone who needs to be updated their portrait will still match the company look. Having everyone’s portrait be uniform with the same background, head size, etc., makes your website or billboard look more professional.

Have a fun or unique group or individual portrait done for billboards, marketing, sales letters, promotions, identification or to simply hang in the entry of your business.

You will always look your best, especially when you get to choose the portrait you want to use as soon as you have been photographed. Digital portraits help things go faster. They give the photographer more control over how the portraits look and they can be sent on a compact disk or by email so you can have everything you need printed at once, you never have to wait for the negative to come back from one printer before it can go to the next.