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It is our sincerest wish that you have the best of experiences with our photographers.  Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments please forward your thoughts to us.

We do care about you and how you feel.  Please give us a chance to improve.


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Jason Skarpness - Skarpness PhotographyJason Skarpness

Jason works on keeping our technology state of the art. He is in charge of all of our photographers and has spent countless hours designing and programming our software. Jason is a highly sought after speaker and instructor training several studios each year on both the new technologies and the lost skills of true business relationships. When photography started into digital, Jason was one of the first to embrace the new opportunities and develop specific workflows and process systems for the “digital revolution”.

Michelle Skarpness - Skarpness PhotographyMichelle Skarpness

Michelle is in charge of our business development. She analyzes what products are desired and what changes need to be considered to stay current in the photography market. She researches new products and ideas to bring to our schools and oversees production and talks directly with your staff to ensure that there is a smooth transition. Michelle ensures customers are cared for and have an opportunity to feel appreciated in an industry that is known for their lack of customer appreciation.

Skarpness Photography

Skarpness Photography Studios was created several decades ago with the vision of “doing it right”. Since that first day there have been many challenges on the path to today, however the purpose of our company has always remained intact. That is why each and every customer we serve is a personal victory for team members.

Our company is a local Iowa company that has hardworking family values engrained through out. Our team members are encouraged to always give back to the community and have done so by donating countless hours of time and services to hospitals, schools, churches, scouts, PTO’s, and Search Rescue.

All of our products are created here in our communities with the highest of standards and care. We don’t have huge corporate buildings, an army of middlemen, or any fancy corporate jets to pay for. We believe however, that you will receive a great photography, new innovative products, and excellent customer service when you choose us as a friend to do business with.